Современный ремонт, удачная планировка, а также правильно подобранная цветовая гамма создают комфортабельные условия даже во время длительного отдыха. Номера нашей гостиницы оборудованы всем необходимым, а доброжелательный персонал всегда готов оказать любую помощь.

Гостиница «Аквамарин» - идеальное место для романтических выходных, отдыха с детьми и
даже командировки. Мы принимаем гостей с домашними животными, организуем трансфер и
предоставляем детские кроватки и стульчики для наших самых маленьких постояльцев.


Guests of the Aquamarine Hotel can show their talents and just have fun in the karaoke room. Thousands of songs, a constantly updated database and an excellent speaker system will allow you to fully enjoy a pleasant pastime.

A stylishly decorated hall with many interesting design solutions will be an excellent platform for a photo shoot. The hall is also available as a chill zone with Wi-Fi, Internet TV, the possibility of organizing a mini-banquet.


Rental of bicycles and scooters

For guests who prefer active recreation and mobility, the Aquamarine Hotel offers bicycle rental.
Barbecue area and observation deck with sea view. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view of the Baltic sunsets from the observation deck of the hotel, located on a cliff above the sea.

Comfortable furniture will make your stay more comfortable. A cup of coffee, a glass of wine or beer, a fragrant barbecue will allow you to spend an unforgettable evening on the coast.

Barbecue area with sea view

Excursions in the Kaliningrad region

Proven guides by private car will conduct the most interesting excursions both along well-trodden routes and unique and little-known corners of the Amber Region.
It offers a lounge area with upholstered furniture, a fireplace, a library, a vinyl record player, a piano.

Hotel lounge area

Rent of the territory for the celebration

Our guests can rent the territory of the hotel for a wedding celebration, including on-site registration, or other celebration. Reservations are made in advance, the conditions are negotiated individually.
It is no exaggeration to say that the major tourist attraction in Yantarny at any time of the year is the sea, majestic and harsh in winter, and soft and gentle in summer. Yantarny is known for its white sandy beaches, stretching several kilometers along the sea coast.

Amber beaches


The Baltic Sea generously shares its gifts. Walking along the beach, you can collect a handful of sunny pebbles in memory of a wonderful vacation on the coast. Don't forget to bring an ultraviolet flashlight with you — at dusk, searching for amber will be a truly exciting adventure.
Yantarny, st. Beregovaya , 3
(first line of the sea)
Yantarny, st. Sovetskaya, 67A (city center)